Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I thought I'd play around with the banner at the top of my blog. I've never included a photo before, but taking photographs is so significant for me, and I thought it might be a way of marking this new chapter.

The image is of St Andrew's, the church where I will be curate as of 5 July. It was built in the late 1920s, in brick, but in the style of a (scaled-down) cathedral, with rose windows, flying buttresses, and a high ceiling. The reinterpretation of that particular tradition in a new material (brick, not stone) is interesting - and incongruous. A lot of the local churches, Anglican and Roman Catholic, appear to be built on an equally grand scale. And I think Liverpool is unique in England in that both the Roman Catholic and Anglican cathedrals are themselves twentieth-century buildings. We've not made it into the city centre yet, but I'm looking forward to it...

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