Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We moved to Nottingham on 22 August, and are settling in. Susannah started school last Wednesday. Noah started school – for the first time – on Monday; he’s on half days this week, and goes to full days from Monday. I’m not sure what Elijah will make of it!

We are renting a lovely house. Until now, we’ve always lived in terraces, so a three-bedroom semi, with front and back gardens, driveway, carport and garage seems very grown-up! The garden is full of birds: robins, blackbirds, thrushes, various sparrows, blue tits, great tits, a flock of green(?) finches, wood pigeons, white doves…The house is light and airy, and while we lose space upstairs we gain space downstairs.

College doesn’t get going until the last week of September, so life is all about finding our feet, getting to know people and the area. There are several other newly arrived families who had to move in time for their children to start school, and there are several college kids in both Susannah and Noah’s classes. The school is just around the corner, as is the church (our garden backs onto the churchyard) and the pub, but not much by way of local shops.

Three days after we moved in, we spent the August bank holiday weekend celebrating Jo’s sister Laura’s wedding, to Steve. Jo’s parents laid on the most wonderful reception in a marquee in the field next to their home. It seems a long time ago – so much has been going on this summer – but now we’re back online I’ll hopefully get some photos up on flickr over the next few days…


  1. Glad to see you're moved and getting settled. We must meet up in the autumn.

  2. It's good to hear that you're settled and ready for the next thing God has in store. Keep us posted on college and family life!

    Jo Saxton

  3. Alison G3:05 pm

    Glad to see that you are back in the land of blog and that you are getting settled in.

  4. Hello guys,

    Love reading your blog & hearing all your news. Are you living in Bramcote? I think I recognise the church spire!!! Praying for you guys in your next adventure!

    Love Lizy & coxxxx

  5. Nice to be gone (a while) but not forgotten!

    David - when do you move?

    Lizzy - yes, we're in Bramcote, and yes, that's the church your parents are at right behind us. We haven't met them yet, as they're in Africa at the moment, but I guess we will. We think we'll do the parish church thing, not least so that our children don't freak out when we land at our first curacy!