Friday, August 03, 2007

Green Light

I heard this morning that I have been recommended for training in preparation for ordination.

This is the decision we have been waiting for – and the outcome we have been hoping for while we waited.

Waiting can be hard, especially when you are led to expect a wait of a certain time, and then find that time stretched out longer. But God has been working, while we have been waiting.

For example: yesterday we drove down to Nottingham, where I will be studying at St John’s College. It is a one-hour journey, down the motorway. But following a serious accident, the M1 was closed, and we were forced off into gridlock along alternative routes. The journey took 3 hours and 40 minutes. In a metal and glass box on a hot day.

We’d gone to look at a couple of houses belonging to former students for whom the college acts as a letting agent, and had arranged to meet someone there at 10:30 am. We were very late. And just before we arrived, a former student had come in to college. He had a property to let, one not administered by the college, and was wondering whether they had any new students in need of a house? It is close to the college; and close to the school our children had already been offered places at. It is a great house, in the perfect location.

And if we had arrived when we expected to arrive, we would not have seen the house.

God redeems even the journey from hell.

Next comes more paperwork than I care to think about, at least until after the weekend. Practical details. Thank God for my wife! But right now, the details can wait. We have God’s goodness to enjoy. And celebrate with our friends.

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  1. Congratulations Andrew, brilliant news.

  2. alison10:39 am

    Well done! and well done for surviving the wait! Great news on the house too....

  3. That's such fantastic news. Really pleased to hear that the CofE have made such a "sensible" (?) decision. Hope all goes well with the move.
    Joy and co. x

  4. Congratulations mate!

    Wonderful news for you guys after much waiting and wondering

  5. Amanda1:23 pm

    We want to celebrate with you. Much love to you all, and not a little sadness too... I jumped with joy when I got Jo's text, and then I filled up with tears, I will really really miss you guys. xxx

  6. thats great news mate.

  7. David6:27 am

    Excellent news Andrew. Congratulations.