Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Overlap

It was a beautiful afternoon, and I went out into the garden with my camera.

The honeysuckle is coming to the end of its season: the flowers are dying, and even the clusters of bright red berries that follow them are drying up, their juice sucked out by insects. And yet there is a real beauty to this aging process…

At the same time, the rose bush on the other side of the lawn is in bud again: the latest bud just starting to unfurl into what may or may not be the last rose of the summer…Again, everything is beautiful in its own time.

Approaching one end; and another beginning…I sense that I am in a similar overlap.

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  1. Amanda12:35 pm

    I just said to Brian, 'how does Andrew take such good pictures?' and he answered 'it is because he sees the image to take'. You look at things in a different way, images, tv programmes, books, Bible passages, and make me pause, reflect, and very often think about things in a different way too. Thanks for widening my viewpoint.

  2. But you and Brian are just great friends to us, whose friendship - whether it is expressed in taking our kids to school when we can't, or sharing a bottle of wine over a board game on a Friday night - helps ground my viewpoint...So it cuts both ways. Thank you :-)