Monday, September 18, 2006

From Small Acorns...

…large oaks grow.

Here are my children, at the thanksgiving for the daughter of friends’ yesterday morning.

Susannah (5 ½) has just been elected by her peers to be their class rep. Apparently a girl and a boy rep from each Y1 and Y2 class attend regular meetings (in class time) where they discuss how the school constitution might be applied in various contexts. First up was: the canteen. According to my very proper daughter:
“CARE and SHARE. Now, which of these do we want to see happening in the canteen? Only ‘care’. We don’t want sharing in the canteen.” [because of the risk of food allergies]

Noah (3 ½) has really stepped up to the mark of being a big brother this summer, growing in physical stature. Trousers he has worn seemingly for ever suddenly end half-way down his shins; and carrying him in, asleep, from the car takes effort now that it never used to – he has thickened out, as well as stretching. Noah is the clown, who loves playing to the audience; and he can make me laugh with just one look.

Elijah is one month old today. Like his brother, he’s bulking-up well. He’s also very alert when he is awake. And gorgeous :-)

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