Thursday, July 06, 2006

Emerging Theology

Andrew Perriman offers a(nother) stab at describing the theology of the emerging church. This ongoing activity is important, not as prescription but as description; and as apologetic in response to those who see the broad trends labelled the emerging movement as sub- or even anti-Christian faith, or, at best, as uncritical zeitgeist. There is much in Perriman’s tentative list that strikes me more as the rediscovery of orthodox elements of Christian faith, born again in a new missional context.

Andrew Jones has already picked up on Andrew Perriman’s post. Andrew Hamilton recently lamented having such a common name, in a comment on Andrew Jones’ post on Googling. The secret, Hamo, is to combine the common name Andrew with a far less common one. Such as Perriman. Or Dowsett ;-)

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