Monday, May 22, 2006

Schism, Prism

The history of the Church has been marked by divergence over theological debate. While these partings-of-the-way were mostly painful at the time, with neither side coming off in a particularly good light; God, in his providence has worked in all these things to bring forth good. The result is a rich tapestry of truths and insights into the One who is the Truth; a diversity too wide for any one individual to embrace, and yet one in which we can affirm the traditions of others without necessarily having to embrace them.

Those of us who journey within expressions of Church emerging in continuity with the Church of England face our own theological debates. So, today’s point of minutiae is:

Leffe Blonde-Blond, or Leffe Brune-Bruin?

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  1. Brian7:06 am

    Does one have to choose between Blonde or Brune, surely both can be enjoyed in their own time?

  2. good point, unless you were in a pub & only had enough money for 1 bottle, in which case it would have to be brun.

  3. has to be blonde- lots more fun....
    but would actually prefer the Duval.

  4. hi sue...

    can you even get decent beer over there in the US? Or is that one of the things you keep popping back across the Atlantic for? ; )