Saturday, May 27, 2006


Our shower has been broken for a fortnight. All repairs have to go through the letting agents; and heels have been dragged. In the meantime, basin washes; and washing hair in the showers after swimming today at the public baths.

And then the washing machine died, on Thursday. Again, permission was sought (and more speedily granted) to replace it – this time installing a machine of our own, which we ordered on Friday, and will be delivered on Thursday. We went for a model that is low in energy consumption and volume of water used. In the meantime, we’re making use of friends’ machine just along the road.

It is inconvenient.

But then again, there are women in Africa who walk miles, daily, to get to their clean, safe water supply – and miles back again – and whose water consumption is restricted to however much they can carry on their heads…Now, that puts inconvenience into perspective.

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