Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bursting To Tell You...

Can you keep a secret?

Yesterday, Jo went out to initiate a first-time mum-to-be into the Sisterhood of the Washable Nappy Users. So I took Susannah and Noah for a very successful trip to Broomhill in search of birthday presents for a friend from school, grandpa (dad - it will get there a couple of days late), and mummy; and hot chocolate all round. It was a gift to spend the time together.

When we got home, we had a little talk: "Listen. We can tell mummy about the presents for [friend] and grandpa, and about the hot chocolates, but we musn't tell her about the present you got for her. Okay?" "Okay dad."

No sooner had Jo come in through the door, than...

Susannah: "MummymummywewenttoBroomhillandwegotapresentfor[friend]andapresentforgrandpaandwehadhotchocolates...and we got a present for you!"
me: "Shhh!"
Noah: "Mummy, mummy, we got you earings!"
me: "So, that'll be a surprise then."


  1. Now you know how Jesus felt. How many times did he ask people to keep his blessings a secret???

  2. Amanda2:47 pm

    When is Jo's birthday? Hope I haven't missed it... I could do an early babysit on Tuesday if you want to take her out - have a date at around 9pm though....
    As usual, I comment on your less cerebral posts, doesn't mean I haven't read the others, they just take more thinking about....!
    Much love.

  3. Jo's birthday not till early June - just being (uncharacteristically) organised...thanks for the offer, though.