Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Joker

The Eastern Orthodox Church finds Easter Sunday so delightful, they tell each other jokes…not sure any of these would make the cut, but:

The Father-of-the-deceased’s visit was unconventional, to say the least…

[not meant to be disrespectful – in fact, very, VERY respectful]

Like all apostles, Jesus left an item of clothing behind when he checked-out…

[if you know one, you’ll understand]

Mary mistakes diVine for diGardener…

[of course it is cheesy – I’m a Christian, for goodness’ sake]

“I know he said, ‘Shout it from the rooftops!’ but, do you think it would be cheating if we were to use those wire things up there?”


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  1. A friend of mine posted a comment recently, saying I'd been getting very deep of late...well, I might have rectified that one...

    By the way, it was Steve Taylor's book "out of bounds church?" that made me aware of the Eastern Orthodox joke-telling tradition. I didn't put that in the post itself, as Steve might not want to be linked to it. But credit should be given where credit is due. [What have you done?!]

  2. is that why my wife is always the last one out when we are in holidays?

    always checking cupboards and drawers... under beds...

    lets go! :)

  3. yep ;)

    Happy Easter, hamo!