Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happiness Is...

Yesterday afternoon my daughter found a length of wool, dark green in colour, about 3-4 inches long. This morning, she wanted to take it to school (she was so pleased with it, she even wants to take it for Show And Tell on Monday). She showed it off to a boy in the year above, his mum and little sister, at the End of the Road. She showed it off to a boy in her class and his dad, at the Lollipop Lady. She showed it off to another boy in her class and his grandad, at the Coat Pegs. She showed it off to a boy in her class - a boy clutching a large, shiny, red-and-gold, plastic action-figure in his hand - just inside the Classroom Door. And as I left her, she was intent on showing it off to her teacher...

...I'm not sure what her friends made of the length of wool - or of her excitement at it! I'm not exactly sure what I make of it, either. I shake my head in wonder at the sheer volume of pleasure she got from such a little thing; and smile...Good on you, my girl.

[P.S. I know the photo is of thread, not wool. But I like to include pictures whenever I can, and I don't have one of any wool; so - like my girl - I'm using what is to hand.]


  1. Amanda11:33 am

    Hope we made the right interested encouraging noises?! Her enthusiasm was infectious.

  2. I think she is fairly oblivious of the noises made - encouraging or otherwise...which is a great gift when the response is not interested/encouraging!

    But bless you all for being interested, encouraging, and - as always! - noisy...