Friday, March 31, 2006

A Cluster Of Points

  • Don't speak too loudly, but spring might have sprung. We've stopped off at the park on the way home from school several times this week, and I've hung washing outside to dry for the past two days in a row...
  • I had my first team meeting last night, my first opportunity to meet the people I'll be working with from Monday...I'm really looking forward to starting : )
  • I've been asked to write a book review, which I'm more than happy to do in principle...but my response to a book is kinda intuitive - and I'm not entirely sure what an intuitive book review might look like. I guess I'll find out soon enough!
  • And, hot on the heels of reading Steve Taylor's the out of bounds church?, today I got a copy of Eddie Gibbs & Ryan K. Bolger's Emerging Churches. This book is "Quite simply the best book yet on the emerging church" - not only because tallskinnykiwi ia quoted as saying so on the back cover, but also because the research that went into it included extensive conversations with over 50 practitioners over a five-year period. The result is a scholarly benchmark, that will help those who would identify themselves as seeking to create Christian community in postmodern cultures to reflect on their own practice; and help those who would identify themselves as being part of the 'mainstream' church in the US or UK to understand and appreciate what 'emerging' churches are, and why they are needed - and just maybe help each to realise why the 'mainstream' church and the 'emerging' church need each other...I'd love to see it on the Recommended Reading list for everyone involved in the training of Christian leaders in the UK today (but I doubt such a list exists).
  • Susannah finished her first term at school today, a little milestone along our family journey...

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