Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day Blues

Christmas Day was not very festive. My sister joined us all for lunch, but during the meal she lost the use of her right side, so was unable to use her knife. Things got worse from there, and in the afternoon she was taken back to hospital (again) in an ambulance; first to A&E in one hospital, then transfered to the hospital where she had the brain tumour removed just a few weeks ago. We haven't had much news since, other than that she has been hallucinating and that they did a brain scan and a lumber puncture (to help relieve the pressure in her head); but mum and dad are at the hospital now. They are both emotionally and physically worn out (physically, because they've had Rachel's baby Rosie at night since she first went into hospital); we'd love to be of some practical help, but they won't let us.

I wanted to say thank you, again, to all of you who have been praying for our family this Christmas; and to ask you to keep praying.

LATEST: 4:30 pm: It turns out that Rachel has a blood clot in her brain; she is also having fits; and they also think that she is suffering from steroid-induced pyschosis. Please pray.


  1. we will keep praying....bless you guys. x

  2. not good - actually felt like i was to be praying for you guys yesterday - makes a bit of sense now. will keep praying

  3. You are all in the prayers, and those of our little community. We pray for all of you with our love.

  4. I will also pray for your sister.

    I blieve we have some mutual friends.

  5. Amanda8:32 am

    We will continue to pray, love and hugs to you all. Amanda xx