Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Latest News

Here's the latest, as I have it. The tumour is approx. 5x4 cm, about the size of an egg. It is pressing on the optic nerve, and, as a result, Rachel doesn't have vision in her left eye at present. On closer examination, the medics aren't convinced there was internal bleeding; they have put her on steroids to reduce the swelling, and intend to do several scans over the next few days in order to pin-point the tumour as accurately as possible, so as to operate with the least damage possible, hopefully some time later this week.

Ironic 'good news' is that Rachel had to bottle-feed Rosie, so she at least is able to feed as normal. Please continue to pray for the whole family, and also for the medical professionals involved in looking after Rachel, as well as for healing. Thank you.


  1. We're praying for all the stuff you've said, and also that your family will be close together in this, despite being so far apart.

  2. have been praying. trying to extend my faith that if God can heal me, he can heal everyone

  3. We're all praying for you and the family in Sheffield. Praying you'll know peace and strength as well as seeing healing breakthrough.