Thursday, September 22, 2005

At Greens Cafe

Today's expedition was in search of a person, rather than a place: after some months of emailing back-and-forth, we finally met up with Andrew "Hamo" Hamilton. Andrew has a daughter the same age as Susannah (which impressed her) and a son the same age as Noah (who was asleep, so didn't care), and though they weren't with him we're looking forward to getting to know the whole family soon...

Andrew works out of a cafe on the edge of the city centre a couple of days a week, where we met up this afternoon - two trains there and two trains back, but the local network is great here (the trains are carpeted!) (albeit a hard-wearing carpet). It was a real encouragement to see the way he has been building relationships with the cafe staff, and to hear about one of his latest plans for discipling people who work locally, equiping them to engage in mission within their workplaces.

One of the things I'm most excited about is the potential for fruitful cross-fertilisation of ideas and experience with, and between, the various people we get to know here...


  1. it was great to meet you guys and the date we suggested for lunch works for all of us.

    see you again soon

  2. Hi
    You don't actually know me! but we looked at each other at St Phil's on Sunday - I'm Coralie's (the music lady)husband, Chris. Great site! We're going to NZ this week so will see you in 14 days! Mal said we should chat! Before then, check out our community site, to get the wrong impression of me.

  3. Hamo - great! See you then. (I can't remember when 'then' is, but Jo noted it down!)

    Chris - hi! Yes, we've not been formally introduced yet, but I know who you are : ) Have a great time in NZ, and let's meet up when you get back.