Saturday, July 16, 2005

Photo Shoot

This evening we have been culling photographs from what Susannah (4) called "the old days, before we had a digital camera." You recall: back in the day when a photograph was a physical, as opposed to a digital, artefact. (Recently, a friend of ours took a film-photo of Noah, who ran up to see the picture, and threw a tantrum when there was no picture to see!) In our case, "the old days" is everything before 2005...That's a lot of memories! Anything with the kids in is especially hard to throw away. Of course, I can't think when we last looked at some of these - things like our Graduation Day, 10 years ago. I think we'll end up getting someone to scan the pictures we want to keep: that way, the computer throws them up from time to time on screensaver, and we get to enjoy them. It makes more sense than taking up room with things we never get out of storage.


  1. Kinder kalsi ""10:16 am

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  2. Hi Kinder,

    I'll try to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    I'm going to edit out your contact details on my blog, though, so they're not publically available!

  3. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Hi Andrew , it was good to read your blog, It was lawrence from the sheffield centre that put me on to you. Im resurching asians who have converted to christianity, and dealing with the conflicts in their community and how culture can be linked to Our faith. Is it possible to phone me for a chat, and if you have pall singhs details that would be good also. i am training to be a church army officer, in sheffield.