Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mission Priests

This evening Jack, Bishop of Sheffield, was with us to licence Alex Absalom and Anne Maclaurin as Mission Priests for St Thomas' Church, Philadelphia (which was made a parish by the Queen last summer). Our family was "sent out" at the same occasion - Jo, Susannah and I were prayed for; Noah slept through it all on the floor ("Noah" means "rest")...


  1. Didn't realise Philadelphia was now a parish in its own right. How's that work? It isn't listed on the diocese website - is it a 'normal' parish of something different????

  2. Hi Phil,

    It's an Extra-Parochial Place (EPP). Previously the campus was within the parish of St Bartholomew's. Now it exists in its own right. No-one lives within the EPP - the boundaries literally go around the campus, and so exclude the one house that is on the site but doesn't belong to us!

    The Bishop licenced Alex & Anne to operate with/under his authority anywhere within the Diocese.