Friday, July 08, 2005

The Gleneagles Communique

Read the agreement reached by the G8 leaders, released today, here.

As has been said by both politicians and campaigners, this document represents the start of a journey, not its conclusion.

Once I've had a chance to read the document closely and reflect on it, I'm sure I'll post some thoughts. Here, though, is a starter-for-10:
While the ability of science to read our physical environment, evaluate changes, and attribute causes, is clearly limited, there would appear to be enough evidence to state that human technologies originating in the "developed" nations over the past 300 years have caused greater scarring to our planet than all other human technologies developed over our entire history combined. This being so, why would we assume that the way to address environmental problems caused by such technologies is to continue along the same trajectory, in pursuit of "cleaner, greener" technologies?

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  1. call me a cynic, but I think it has a lot more to do with the oil industry and a former employee of their's than anything else... oh and our natural human dislike of self-limitation/control (see the 'Garden of Eden';) which other forms of limiting global warming involve..