Sunday, June 12, 2005

TOM Annual Gathering

This weekend has been the TOM (The Order of Mission) Annual Gathering, here in Sheffield. It has been a great time, but I'm worn out now! And we have to get up at 5:30am tomorrow, to travel to Kentucky for 10 days holiday around a friend's wedding. So, it will be an early night tonight!

Over the weekend, Mike shared with us about the nature of apostolic community. [Greek apostolos = one who is sent out; nothing more loaded than that intended.] I think I'll let the notes I took percolate while we're away; I'm sure they will inform some of what I post over the coming months - and certainly inform the plans that are coming together (though no details as yet) for our own future as a family beyond this summer.

We inducted over 50 adults on Saturday evening, including several couples with their children present. It was a very special occasion. The 'family' keeps growing, and spreading wider around the globe too. I really appreciate having meaningful relationships with people who live and work in other parts of the world. But right now, I really appreciate having meaningful relationships with the two small children drawing at the dining-room table behind me...

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