Monday, May 02, 2005

Bank Holiday Weekend

A bit of a whirlwind...Saturday morning I took Noah and hung out with the guys from Friday night, while Jo and Susannah went to the hairdressers ahead of Matt & Berniece's wedding in the afternoon. In keeping with the happy couple, several of the details that made up the event were pulled together at the last minute, and yet they got away with fact, it was a great wedding, full of fun touches.

Susie, and Ana Swift, made the most gorgeous little bridesmaids. I took loads of photos - some of them are here. The reception took place at Sheffield Ski Village, which has great views over the city centre from the bar balcony, and terraces below. A managerie of small children amused themselves inside among a corner of stacked-up sofas, and outside on an area of rain-soaked wood-chippings (the bridesmaids' dresses mutating from white to winter-camoflage...). Susannah was so well-behaved, and I was so proud of her: being Father of the Bride(smaid) is like being Father of the Bride, but without the expense!

It is a sad day when the music you grew up with (all the early '80's New Romantic stuff) gets played for people who were only just (or, worse, yet to be) born at the time you were listening to it, because it is "retro"...Oi: that's not ****** retro - that's good music, cheeky whipper-snapper! Some of us felt very old. After all, it was twenty years ago.

I brought Noah downstairs on Sunday morning, to discover Michal sleeping on the sofa...water had come through his bedroom ceiling yet again. So, in the afternoon, we cut through the attic wall (I reckon you shouldn't be allowed to convert attics without leaving access to the eaves) to investigate. Water had quite clearly been coming through our roof (and not through the neighbours' roof and along internally, as the roofers who have checked it out twice suggested).

So, Bank Holiday Monday was observed in the traditional manner - a trip to B&Q, to buy silicone sealant, and MDF to create a removeable cover for the hole, allowing future access; followed by mowing the lawn before the obligatory down-pour...

Spent Sunday morning with a group of Christians, considering factors they wanted to take into account when voting this Thursday (environmental issues and addressing global poverty were the highest rated factors, in stark contrast to national polls); and Sunday evening watching Dr Who with Jo (the - brief - return of the Doctor's most infamous enemy of all, the Dalek). All-in-all, a busy but enjoyable couple of days.

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