Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Trivial Pursuits

Ben & Helen and Ruth came to tea. Always a pleasure. Ruth brought along some sort of up-dated anniversary edition of Trivial Pursuit. We played girls v boys. I thought I'd post that the girls won (all six categories, to the boys' four - and that was a late comeback on the boys' part...) before the girls get their gloating in elsewhere. Ladies, you really did have the easier questions.

I went to the Botanical Gardens this afternoon, to take photographs. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and it felt really good to take a light day and get outside. The park was beautiful today. I ended up taking 87 pictures, and a lot of them are pretty good for a point-and-press approach to photography. A bad workman may blame his tools; this nothing-special workman gives his Fuji S5000 the credit. To be fair, I think I've got a fairly good eye for composition, but beyond that...

I'm still having problems posting photos to the blog, but I'll put some of them on My Photos.

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