Sunday, February 13, 2005

Putting The Boot In

Despite scoring two (excellent, very entertaining) tries to France's none, England contrived to lose 17-18 at home today. All afternoon, England's kicks at goal fell short* or wide of the mark; while at the same time they conceded too many penalties to the on-target French.

As I was originally to be in Nepal, and Michal is also away for a few days, Jo had invited Amy, the one friend from school days she is still in touch with, to come up from Birmingham for the weekend. We had only headed off to bed five minutes before Amy knocked on our door to ask whether water was supposed to be dripping from the light-fitting in her room? (What sort of a question is that anyway?!) So, she ended up sleeping on the living-room sofa. At least her being here meant the leak was discovered.

This is the same ceiling that was very badly rain-damaged last August, and which took the insurance system such a long time to sort out for us. At the time, the roofers couldn't find where water was coming in, and wondered whether it was actually coming in through our neighbours' roof and running along inside the roof space before leaking into our property, not theirs...So it looks like we're going to have to speak with them tomorrow and ask them to get their roof checked out. (And how do you do that?)

Some days you feel like someone is putting the boot in...

*"Falling short of the mark" is the definition of sin, "a sin" being a technical term originating - and still used today - in the sport of archery.

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