Thursday, January 20, 2005

Flying To The Moon

I'm trying to pull-together two trips in the next couple of months - to Sweden in March, which is coming together nicely; and to Nepal, at much shorter notice, in February!!!

I've not been to Nepal before, and I'm excited about the prospect of travelling with friends I'd like to spend some time with - as well as meeting up with friends out there. (I hope it all falls into place...) The Sweden trip builds on two previous visits, and I'll be taking Matt B along for the experience. I love travelling, especially flying (for some reason I enjoy airports - maybe I'm a big kid, wide-eyed at the bright lights and reflective surfaces in the Duty Free shop windows? - and airplanes; Jo, on the other hand, does not like airports, or flying, at all...) - though I hate being apart from Jo and the kids, and so I've put limits on it of late (other than family holidays). Being 'there' (wherever you were going) is good too, meeting people, seeing new places; and so is being home again - though I've often found making a good 're-entry' (such as appreciating Jo's having looked after the kids single-handed for several days, and her being tired as a result, as well as my being tired from the journey) the hardest part of the whole trip. But I think I like the travelling best. May be I'm strange...

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