Saturday, January 29, 2005


I had to get a combined Hepatitis A - Typhoid booster yesterday, for Nepal. Stiff arm today...

We went into town on the bus this morning - the kids loved the buses - and ate lunch at Jalucy's on the way home (only five minutes from home, but it makes a change; we like Jalucy's, but they only take cash, which I didn't have by the time we got there, so I had to go out to a cashpoint, and the first one was out of order, so home would have been much simpler - but less of a challenge!)

I had the kids on my own while Jo went to the 'form' panto matinee (I'm off out to the evening showing in a mo, as we failed to get a babysitter). We played hide-and-seek (Susannah is either bold enough to hide completely in the open, or doesn't quite 'get it' yet). At some point, Noah, who was sat on my lap, leant back just as I leant forward. The meeting of his skull and my incisors chipped one of my teeth. I don't think Noah found it much fun either. Then he slept for an hour (concusion?!), and didn't appreciate being woken. Hopefully that won't stop him from settling quickly tonight, or else I won't be getting any sympathy for the tooth - still 'buzzing'; it doesn't hurt, but it is a very strange sensation - from Jo...

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