Sunday, December 26, 2004

Hillsborough Park

Susannah, Noah, Grandma, Jo and I went for a Boxing Day Walk...around the corner to feed the ducks in Hillsborough Park. Susie carried the bread.

It's great having the park on our door-step. Today, it was busy: a steady stream of Sheffield Wednesday fans walking past us en route to the match; two boys on bikes, openly discussing how they were going to ambush two younger kids, who were on foot, and smash their faces in (Happy Christmas); the ubiquitous dog-walkers; families braving the cold just long enough to give the kids a push on the swings...

We had just got to the pond - hopeful ducks, and two brave coots, homing-in on us from all directions - when our friends David and Rosie came along the path. They've just bought a house less than five minutes walk from ours, and are hoping to move in some time in the next 4-6 weeks. Hurrah! Hillsborough is clearly the place to be: since we've been here, Rich and Anna; Jenny; Dave, Sarah and Ella; Ben and Helen; and soon David and Rosie have moved into houses in the area - not to mention various other friends who were already here.

Once the ducks were fed and we'd caught up with each other's news, we moved on to the swings. We hadn't been there two minutes when Matt and Berniece came by, Berniece on Matt's skateboard. So we invited them home for mulled wine and Christmas Cake, and a cup of tea.

That's one of the good reasons to live down here: you can't step out of your front door without meeting friends in the park, at the shops, waiting for a tram into town...And I like that. It feels healthy.

Friends on Christmas Eve; family on Christmas Day; and both on Boxing Day: a good festive season all round.

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